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Notes from the President of the Board

President's Note 2021-22

HAYHA has officially hit a major milestone.  Our registration numbers have exceeded 300 players for the first time ever!  This is a testament to the incredible group of coaches, volunteers and families we have assembled to learn and play the game of hockey.  With this growth, the Board has decided it is also time to take a fresh look at some of our guiding principles, and we formally kicked off a visioning process at the last board meeting. 

As we embark on an effort to formalize a Mission Statement for HAYHA, it is worth our time to consider and discuss our core values. 

As the following article highlights, respect is a critical component of any successful sporting organization.  Simple respect results in higher retention rates for players, referees and coaches, and results in a safer and more satisfying experience for everyone involved.  (Please take a few minutes to read the article.  It’s well worth your while).

As we consider the strengths and areas for improvement in our own organization, I hope you’ll agree with the simple message in this article, and that this will become part of our mission.

Over the next several weeks, please give some thought to the things that make HAYHA attractive to you and your family.  The Board will ask for your input as we start to compile those ideas, which will then form the basis of our mission statement.

Thanks for all you do as coaches, volunteers and parents to make this organization a fun and safe place for our kids to learn and grow in the game of hockey.

Darryl James, President / 12U Division Representative